Metamorphic Rocks

The rocks that make up our Earth are constantly moving and changing.  The three types of rocks are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.  A metamorphic rock is Metamorphic Rocksformed when a sedimentary or igneous rock changes form because the temperature or pressure changes.  This change typically happens over time when the sedimentary or igneous rocks are buried beneath the earth’s surface.  The pressure from the layers of rocks and the high temperatures from deep in the Earth cause the minerals in the igneous and sedimentary rocks to change.  Many metamorphic rocks can be useful in our everyday lives.  Metamorphic rocks are used in jewelry, building and road materials and to make insulation.

Mini Me Geology’s  My Rockin’ Collection! Metamorphic RocksYou will love the variety of colors and textures in this Metamorphic Rock collection.  Each of 10 rocks comes with an identification card which includes a photo and fun rock facts.  Try to identify each rock using the hand magnifier and information cards.  If you need a hint, the name of each rock is beneath the foam padding.  If you need help using the hand magnifier or identifying the rocks, check out the “Dig Into Science” section of our website for tips on how to use your new Metamorphic Rock kit.

Each kit includes:

  • 10 Large Metamorphic Rock Samples:  amphibolite, anthracite coal, gneiss, hornfels, marble, phyllite, quartzite, mica schist, garnet schist, and slate
  • Hand Magnifier
  • Identification Card for each rock
  • Sturdy compartment box with snug latches for secure and organized storage

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