11 Tips to Help Kids Love Science

Children are often fascinated by science at a young age. As they get older, some lose interest due to peer pressure, other interests that leave little time for exploration or lack of resources. We have a few tips that you can use to help keep you kids engaged in the wonder and learning of science because whether they grow up to become a scientist or not, having an understanding of our world will enhance their lives forever.

Tips that Make STEM Science Fun

Many of these tips are great for play time at home or in group settings. You can weave these ideas into your daily lives and also throughout the summers to keep your kids engaged and excited about the Earth and other STEM activities.

    1. Engage children with a hands-on introduction to science when they are in pre-school and elementary school, which is a naturally curious age.
    2. Provide children with simple science kits, experiments and toys that you can do together. Make sure that you choose products geared toward the appropriate age group to keep their interest.
    3. Look for projects that will coordinate with school science projects and topics.
    4. Make learning science fun by showing children how science relates to their daily activities.
    5. Talk with children on their level about science both at home and on outings, such as a trip to the beach, museum or park.
    6. Give children plenty of time to explore the world and ask questions to encourage their curiosity.
    7. Show your children the importance of science through your own behavior, such as caring for a garden, feeding the birds, collecting interesting rocks and recycling.
    8. Observe your children to see what they are most interested in and expand on this by providing them more opportunities to learn.
    9. Play games with your children during a nature walk at the beach or in the woods. See how many varieties of rocks, plants and animals you can find and identify.
    10. Collect or draw a picture of the items you find and research more about them at home.
    11. Instill a sense of wonder in your children by showing them your own fascination with science and the world.

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