How to Create a Rock & Mineral Collection

Are you fascinated with rocks and minerals? Do you want to start a collection for yourself or your kids but don’t know where to start and what types of samples to collect? I get lots of questions from people who want to start a collection but are daunted by the variety of rock and mineral types and the costs of some of these samples.


Any time that you are starting a collection, I suggest starting with small pieces of your favorite rocks and minerals. As you learn more about the variety of sample types you can look for larger, well-formed specimens that carry a larger price tag.


You can use almost any type of box for your beginner collection. A fishing tackle box works really well for smaller samples because you can group them in sections or give each sample its own home. For small children, try an egg carton for their beginner collection. As they gather more samples, you might need to upgrade but this activity is a fun way for kids to express their creativity while making a great storage container.

To make your own storage box you will need:

  • Egg carton for each child
  • Paint
  • Stickers
  • Beads
  • Any other decoration for cartons

Allow your kids to decorate their egg carton in any way they wish. Creativity with their storage box will help bring out their creativity with their collection. If you use foam egg cartons be sure to use special paint for foam and do not use spray paint. You can find foam paint at most craft stores.

Once you paint and decorate your box, place your rock and mineral samples in each section. You can you paper, tape or paint to label each section with your sample name. You can find great samples for your collection on our website, but sometimes it is just as fun to go out in nature either on a trail, beach or the woods and see if you can find samples in nature.


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