Ask-a-Geology Question & Answer #1: How Much Chemistry is Involved in Geology?

How much chemistry is involved in geology?

Every week we get great questions from our friends about the science and study of geology. In this new series I’m going to answer your questions so keep them coming in! Today’s question is about just how much chemistry in involved in the study of geology and the work that geologists do daily.

Do Geologists need to know much chemistry?

This question is from Alexandra, she writes: How much chemistry is involved in geology? I’m not that great at chemistry but I’m very interested in geology.

Hi there Alexandra, there is a fair amount of chemistry in geology, however, don’t let that hold you back from studying and becoming a geologist. In general, you’re going to learn about the different elements that make up various minerals and if you’re in environmental geology you’ll learn about different chemicals that can impact our soil and groundwater. Most colleges will have geology majors take about a year of basic chemistry classes. It may be a little bit more, a little bit less depending on your school’s requirements but if you’re going to go into environmental geology I would also suggest you take at least one semester of organic chemistry that will help you learn about how they name various chemicals and will help you in your career. Do not let the chemistry requirement hold you back. If you can handle geology you can definitely handle chemistry.

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