Ask-A-Geologist #6: What term is used for metamorphic rocks with a banded texture?

Foliated Metamorphic Rocks Have a Banded Texture

Hi everyone! Today we have another fabulous question from one of our readers. Today’s question is about metamorphic rocks and what that banded texture is called.

What term is used for metamorphic rocks with a banded texture?

Jason wrote to Mini Me Geology with a question about metamorphic rocks. These rocks have some unique features that you do not see in other rocks because they form under extreme heat and pressure.

Hi Jason!  You may be referring to “foliation” which is the aligning of minerals within a metamorphic rock. Foliation occurs when there is a strong pressure applied to the rock in one direction, just like when you put your hands flat together and push. When this pressure is applied, certain minerals, like mica and chlorite, grow with their long direction perpendicular to the pressure. This makes the rock look like it has layers.

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