Get a Free Rock & Mineral Fun Book for Your Kids!

Free Rock & Mineral Fun Book

Thank you for visiting Mini Me Geology! If you are here, you probably love geology or have kids or students who do. As a thank you for visiting us, we have a free 53-page Rock & Mineral Fun Book for you.

Sign up for our newsletter through the blog (top right corner) or on our website. You will get an email with a link to download the book. The Rock and Mineral & Book includes:

  • Word Search, Hidden Word, and Crossword Puzzles,
  • Coloring Pages,
  • Experiments,
  • Rock and Mineral Identification Flow Charts,
  • Image Galleries,
  • Birthstone Details,
  • Viktor’s Ice, the prequel novella to the Crystal Cave Adventure series of novels.

We hope you enjoy our Rock & Mineral Fun Book. If you have questions about any of the information in the book or other Mini Me Geology products, please contact us.

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Mineral Observation, Hardness & Streak Testing Kit

While you are on the website, check out our awesome rock and mineral kits for kids, home school, and classrooms. Each of our kits was designed by a professional geologist who is also a mom, so you can be assured that they are both fun and educational.

At Mini Me Geology, we have a variety of individual mineral samples and geodes, igneous rock samples, metamorphic rock samples, sedimentary rock samples, rock and mineral kits for kids aged 6 and up, identification tools, educational books and teaching resources, coloring and activity books, and geology-themed adventure novels and companion activity books in the Crystal Cave Adventure Series. Plus, Geology Birthday Party supplies and ideas!

    Join The Rock Detectives Club for more Geology Fun

    For extra fun, join The Rock Detectives Club where every month we post videos about a different rock or mineral, a video where we answer your questions about geology, word puzzles and writing activities, experiments, games, coloring pages, and more! You also get instant access to our new rock and mineral identification flow charts and the Blue John’s Cavern novel and companion activity book. Learn more about The Rock Detectives Club and watch a behind-the-scenes video today.

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