Throw a Rock Detectives Geology Birthday Party for Your Kids with this Party Plan

Is your little one having a birthday? Do they love rocks and minerals? Then throw them a Rock Detectives Geology Birthday Party!  This party idea is based on Mini Me Geology’s Rock Detectives line of kits to give your child and their guests hours of fun.

Below you will find a Rock Detectives Geology Birthday Party Plan with ideas that will help you design a party full of rock and mineral identification activities, geode cracking, panning for minerals, and storage box creation. Throwing a party is simple, choose the Rock Detectives kits that you want to use as the theme for the party such as minerals, crystals, rocks, or all of them.  Your kids can learn about Metamorphic Mysteries, become a Sedimentary Sleuth or solve an Igneous Investigation. You can also design your party around our Crystal Geometry and Crystal Experiments kits or go on a Mineral Mission.

Our Rock Detectives Birthday Party Invitations and Activities eBook includes instructions for panning, geode cracking, storage box creation, and rock bingo as well as invitations to send to your guests! In addition to the activities in the party eBook, each Rock Detectives Kit comes with its own CD with an eBook full of activities, puzzles, and experiments that you can use at your party.


Activity #1:  Arrival Puzzles & Coloring Pages

Each party pack of Rock Detectives kits comes with a free parent copy of the Rock Detectives eBooks so that you can print and prepare the party activities from the kits before the kids arrive. Each kit has word puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages that you can give to your party guests to occupy them as other guests arrive.

Activity #2:  Create-Your-Own Rock Storage Box

A good geologist always has a way to carry their samples. Create fun storage boxes out of inexpensive items from around your house. Instructions are provided on the Rock Detectives Party eBook. You can use plastic boxes or egg cartons to make great boxes with individual slots for different samples.

Activity #3:  Sample Identity Detection

Print the sample identification and activity pages from the Rock Detectives eBook and let your party guests follow the clues to identify the name of each sample in their Rock Detectives kit. Each kit comes with a hand magnifier to help see the details! We recommend that you use one Rock Detectives kit for every two to three kids at the party so they each have samples to identify and test.

Earth's Treasures Geology Sifting CupActivity #4:  Panning for Rocks, Minerals & Fossils

Mini Me Geology’s new Earth’s Treasures Geology Sifting Cups are a fun party activity and a great take-home gift. Each 8-ounce jar is filled with natural beach sand, rocks, minerals, and fossils. No two jars are exactly the same so each child has a unique set of samples. To find your hidden treasures, simply pour the contents through a beach sifter as real geologists do. The sand will fall through leaving your goodies behind.

If you don’t have a beach sifter on hand have the kids create their own by layering several layers of aluminum foil and then rolling the ends together to make a bowl. Using the sharp tip of a pencil, poke small holes in the foil to create a homemade sifter that will allow the sand to fall through and keep the treasures on the foil.

If you prefer to make your own sifting gifts, use a small bucket or mason jar and fill it with a mixture of sand, rocks, minerals, and fossils.  Instructions are provided on the Rock Detectives Party eBook. We have bulk rocks and minerals and fossil shark teeth for your panning buckets.

Activity #5:  Geode Cracking

All good geologists break open rocks to see the inside. Kids love to crack open large geodes to see the crystals inside. Instructions and safety precautions are provided in the Rock Detectives Party eBook. Our large geodes make great take-home gifts for your party guests.

Activity #6:  Geology Experiments

All good geologists love experimenting with their samples. Each Rock Detectives kit includes instructions for experiments that you can do during the party like growing sugar and salt crystals, creating metamorphic rock cookies, and much more. Don’t worry if you run out of time, you can print the instructions and let the guests take them home.

Activity #7: Wrap Up with Rock Bingo!

Play Mini Me Geology’s Rock Bingo to wrap up your party. The bingo game is included in the Rock Detectives Party Invitations and Activity eBook. A great gift for winners is rock candy from your local candy store. If you can’t find the candy locally, give us a shout and we can point you to some online sources for bulk rock candy.

Get started planning your party today! If you have questions about our kits or how to throw a successful party, contact us.




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