The Best Sciences Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday or another special event, finding the perfect gift is part of the excitement. We know you want to give a great gift that is fun and unique. As parents, we often want gifts that are also “good” for children because they are healthy, engaging, or educational. For the adults on our list, we are always searching for something new and different that will be a happy surprise. Mini Me Geology has the perfect mix of ideas for everyone on your list from your youngest rockhound, to the teenagers in your life, and adult friends and family who love collecting beautiful samples and crystals for spiritual well-being.

Best Science Gifts for Toddler Rockhounds

Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity Book

Kids under six years old are curious when it comes to science and educational toys but they are still at an age where small parts in some science kits might be a choking hazard if the kids are left unattended. That is why we created the Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity Book for kids! This fun book is loaded with 78 pages of childhood fun including Drawing Pages, Coloring Pages, Roc-Tac-Toe, Foursquare, Word Scrambles, Crossword Puzzles, Word Finds, Mazes, Creative Writing Stories, and Make-a-Word Games. The Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity Book was designed with fun activities that also help children become interested in science.

The Best Science Gift for 6 to 12-Year-Olds

Kids that are 6 to 12-year-olds are the perfect age for beginning science kits. In fact, the child who inspired the launch of Mini Me Geology was six years old when he first covered the wonder of rocks and minerals. As a mother and geologist, the owner of Mini Me Geology set out specifically to design kits for this age group so that kids could learn about rocks and minerals but also explore through fun activities such as experiments, puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, writing activities, and creative crafts.

Be a Rock Detective!

Rock Detectives Kits

The Rock Detectives line of kits is specifically designed for the 6 to 12-year-old age group. There are six kits in the series, each with its own detective’s theme. The kits include Mineral Mission, Crystal Experiments, Crystal Geometry, Metamorphic Mystery, Sedimentary Sleuthing, and Igneous Investigation.

Each of these kits has six or seven samples that were specifically picked to fit the theme and a hand magnifier for viewing the samples up close. Each kit has a 30-page PDF eBook that is included on a CD. If you don’t have a CD player that is no problem! We have download links for all of the eBooks and you are able to print as many copies as you like for all the kids in your household. The best part of these kits is that we designed them so that the kids can work on some of the activities alone and perform others with their parents, teachers, and groups just like real scientists!

Junior Rock & Mineral Kits for Kids

Junior Mineral Kit

The My Rockin’ Collection Junior kits series is a favorite for kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Housed in sleek tubes, the junior kits are easy to store between uses, which keeps the rocks off the floor and safe. The My Rockin’ Collection Junior kits are one of our best-selling lines because kids can explore the samples on their own or with a parent. There are four kits in this collection including Minerals, Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, and Metamorphic Rocks. Each kit has 10 of the most popular samples from the category and an identification poster that includes fun information, identification tips, and pictures of each of the rocks to help your kids identify all of the samples in the collection.

The Best Science Gifts for Teens and Young Adults

Older kids who are interested in science really love the idea of experimenting with the samples. We designed several collections and kits that allow them to do just that.

Explore the Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle Kit is one of our most popular kits for teens. This fantastic kit has 20 rock and mineral samples, a hand magnifier for examining the specimens, and a PDF eBook full of information about each of the samples, the rock cycle and how it works throughout the Earth, plus activities, experiments, and games. The Rock Cycle Kit is great for kids who are interested in becoming a scientist because the activities of the kit help them develop a fascination with science and the critical thinking skills with a need for any type of science in the future.

Testing and Experiment Kits

Mineral Observation, Hardness & Streak Testing Kit

Our most popular kit for teens is the Mineral Observation, Hardness, and Streak Testing Kit. This kit is based on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness and includes eight samples from the scale, identification accessories including a white streak plate, a black streak plate, and information cards that explain how to use all of the identification tools.

Popular Science Gifts for Kids of Any Age

Many of the kits we design can cross age groups and uses. We love helping kids explore science at home and helping teachers and homeschool parents in the classroom.

Mineral Madness Kit

Mineral Madness STEM Geology Kit

Mineral Madness is our newest kit for kids and teens. This fun kit has 15 minerals, a white streak plate, and an information brochure with pictures and details about each of the samples, their properties, and fun facts so your kids learn to identify the samples and recognize them in nature.

Earth’s Treasures Geology Sifting Cups

Earth's Treasures Geology Sifting Cup

A favorite of gift-givers and birthday parties, the Earth’s Treasures Geology Sifting Cups are filled with real beach sand, rocks, minerals, and fossils. As kids sift the sand, they find their treasures. Each Earth’s Treasures Geology Sifting Cup is slightly different making them fun to collect and the perfect party favor.

Crack-Your-Own Geodes

Crack Your Own Geodes are a fan favorite for all ages (adults, too). We carry only the largest geodes available that are filled with beautiful quartz crystals. You will love to see the excitement on your kids’ faces as they crack open the rocks to reveal the shimmering quartz crystals inside.

The Colossal Rock & Mineral Kit

Our largest kit is perfect for ages six through adult. The Colossal Rock & Mineral Kit is a two-box kit that includes 10 samples each of minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic for a total of 40 samples. White and black streak plates, a hand magnifier and four identification posters are also included in the kit. Kids will learn about the color, streak, crystal shape, hardness, luster, special features, common locations and uses of minerals while discovering and the different colors, textures, mineral content, uses and properties of rocks as you observe and test your new samples. The colossal rock and mineral kit is house in plastic storage boxes which helps keep everything organized and neat. This is the perfect science gift for future scientists and engineers!

Best Gifts for Adult Rock Collectors

Many adults enjoy collecting unique and interesting rock and mineral samples. Mini Me Geology strives to find the best samples available for our customers. Our collection includes over 120 rocks and minerals so you have an amazing selection to choose from. Each sample comes with an information card that details the properties of the sample, common uses, specials features, and popular collection locations.

Best Gifts for Everyone Who Loves Healing Crystals

Using crystals in meditation and healing practices is very popular today. We have curated a wonderful selection of rough, natural minerals and crystals that pair with each of the body’s chakras so you can create your own personalized collection. If you prefer a pre-made kit, the Natural Chakra Crystals kit has eight wonderful crystals that include one for each chakra and quartz to amplify the power of the others. The included information brochure provides details about each sample and the related chakra and pictures of the crystals for easy identification.

Science gifts are perfect for everyone on your list because they are fun, exciting, and unique. If you have questions about specific kits and samples, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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