Ask-a-Geologist #13: Do I Need a Geology Degree to be a Jewelry Designer?

Hi everyone, my name is Tracy Barnhart and I am the professional geologist here at Mini Me Geology and I am back with another awesome question for you about geology careers.

Ask-A-Geologist Q&A #5: How Many Years of College Does it Take to Become a Geologist?

Hi everyone! This week we have a fantastic question from one of our readers about how many years of college you need to become a geologist. Hopefully, my answer will help you decide if this career might be for you.

Find Your Career Path – Cool Jobs in Geology

Geology is a fascinating study of the Earth. One of the most appealing aspects of the field is the many different types of careers that you can have with a degree in geology. We receive many questions through our Ask-a-Geologist feature about how you can become a geologist. Many people want to know if being a geologist is fun, what types of classes you need to earn a degree, what type of degree you need and what types of jobs are available once you get out of school.