Use these cool new tools to discover the name of your mineral!

As someone who loves rocks and minerals, finding a new sample is super exciting. Geologists use some very basic tools to help them determine the name of a rock or a mineral. Identifying a sample starts with discovering the names of the mineral or minerals, in the case of rocks. Mini Me Geology’s new Rock and Mineral Testing Kit has everything you need to get started with identifying your samples.

Ask-A-Geologist Q&A #18: How Do I Teach Rock and Mineral Identification When I’m Not a Geologist?

This week, homeschooling mom Sandra asked how she can teach rock and mineral identification when she is not a geologist. Our new book “Help, I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist!” is here to help. In this book, we break down all of the details you need to teach rock and mineral identification to elementary, middle and high school students.

Five Tips for Teaching Rock Identification to Middle and High School Students

Middle and high school students usually have a limited background in rock identification from elementary school. Elementary students focus on the three basic types of rocks and how they form. Middle and high school students can graduate to identifying different rock samples within the three basic types.

Five Tips for Teaching Rock Identification to Elementary Students

Identifying rock samples is sometimes overwhelming to young students. Since there are three classes of rocks, each which have many different types, it can be very confusing when you start to explain the differences between each, especially because some look so much alike! If possible, teach the students about mineral identification before you move on to rocks, after all, rocks are simply a combination of one or more minerals.

Ask-a-Geologist #4: Why do geologists tests rocks for calcite?

Today we have another great geology question from one of our readers.

Terrance writes: Why do scientists check rocks to see if they contain calcite?

Rock & Mineral Identification Charts

You can have fun learning about rocks and minerals with this colorful set of rock and mineral identification flyers.